1. To promote, organise and control (either in conjunction with or independently of any body or bodies) athletic sports, games, contests, exhibitions and meetings of all kinds (including inter alia, running, walking, cycling, motor cycling, wood chopping, bands, musical and marching contests) and in particular, to continue to organise and conduct the NEW YEAR’S DAY CARNIVAL held in Burnie in Tasmania since 1887 including the running of the BURNIE GIFT and the TASMANIAN MILE for athletes and the BURNIE WHEEL RACE for cyclists.
    2. To affiliate and cooperate with or assist any body, club, association or league which has the same or similar objectives, or whose objectives include the promotion of any branch of sport.
    3. To maintain and grow the assets and finances of the The Burnie Athletic Club.
    4. In recognising that the competitive sports are exhilarating for spectators, the core purpose of community events such as the Club promotes, should be to inspire the wider population to become active and adopt healthy lifestyles choices through either organised sports or personal pursuits which instils fitness and wellbeing.